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¿No has recibido el código de verificación? Aquí encontraras toda la información necesaria sobre como verificar tu empresa, los pasos que deberas seguir y el tiempo necesario para este el proceso.

address issue

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Hello, We have a small business that my family opened around 2 years ago already and I have been triying to add it on google maps, there are two ways to verify  the business in the area, the first one which sounds a lot more convenient, is making a video call and showing around the business, but in my case i am otside the countryfor a long time already and try to manage the business from here, as a manager of the store, there is not possibility for me to go back soon, and there is no one who speaks english in the place either, the second option is to send the pincode by mail to my bussines address, but the issue is that the maps for my area are not complete, lack for street names and other details and there is not support for editing  yet,(which i personally will love to), so when i try to send the pin there is always this message saying that there is some errors in the information and I need to edit it, but i cant do more than place the pin in the place because if i write the address the maps just do not find the specified street or number, in this case what can i do?... i have notice there are other several bussines in the area and all they appair to have no issues, so i was wondering what did they do to verify their place.

this is the place: 
the name of the place is: Multiservicios "El profe"
postal code of the place is 51000 which is used in all the area, not per building.

Thank you in advance.