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I can't access to my Google Analytic account. The page does not load

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Hi all


First of all: I am fed up of this crappy customer service. It is making me to lose a lot of my time. I cannot send an email related to problems in an account and I am not going to share my personal info here. They after send me to a page that is empty (great), this is not serious at all.


My problem is I cannot access to my Google Analytics account since two days ago. The page does not load and it remains blank. What can be the problem? HOW DO I CONTACT GOOGLE?


Thank you all, but not to Google's customer service

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Hi! This is the spanish community forum. The english is:...

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Hi! This is the spanish community forum. The english is:


if you want to contact Google, you have a button on the top right corner of this window.

Thank you very much! :smileyhappy:

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Thank you very much! Emoticono feliz