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Currency Code for Bitcoin?

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Novato ✭
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Novato ✭

Do you where can I find the right currency code for Bitcoin, if supported at all by gtag?


On Bit it Rain! we take Bitcoin and turn it into cash via biggest ATM network in Mexico; we need to track purchases in native currency (i.e. Bitcoin) for future reference and analysis.


As stated in Recommended event parameters, gtag accepts ISO 4217 codes. There is a list of Unnoficial cryptocurrency 4217 codes on that same article, one of which is XBT for Bitcoin.


However, I have been unable to find any Google's official documentation stating that gtag will propperly identify XBT as bitcoin (or as any currency at all).


I came up with an event code like this:



gtag('event', 'purchase', {
    transaction_id: txHash,
    value: 0.00654,
    currency: 'XBT',
    items: [{ id: 'product-id', name: 'product-name', variant: 'variant' }]


 Do you know where can I find official info on this question?



Currency Code for Bitcoin?

Profesor ✭
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Profesor ✭

Hello Mauricio

How are you?

I bet Google hasn't thought about BTC yet. I would ask Avinash Kaushik or some expert at that level.

However, why you don't use USD instead, without converting it from BTC, and treat it like it is BTC instead of USD?

Best wishes!